Lake Garda: a paradise for water sports

Hoist the sails

Lake Garda is a true crossroads of winds. If the best known is the Ora that blows from the south starting from late morning, the Pelèr is the wind of good weather, continuous and regular in the summer months, while the Balin arrives from Mount Ballino. This meeting of winds makes Garda the superlative lake for water sports, and you can often see a colourful constellation of sails from the shore.

The lake from a different perspective

But Lake Garda is not only synonymous with windsurfing and sailing; it also embraces an underwater kingdom to be discovered. Immersing yourself in this submerged world, you will find schools of fish, caves and rocky labyrinths, ship wrecks and ancient statues. It’s no coincidence that this is one of the most famous places in continental Europe for diving.

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